Thursday, 16 August 2012

The First Post

I’m starting a new blog for various reasons, and hope it will be somewhere I can share thoughts about and perspectives on learning technology in Higher Education. I hope you find something of interest here.

My name is Peter Beaumont and I’m a Learning Technologist at Edge Hill University, in Ormskirk, Lancashire. Coming from a web design and software UI background I started here nearly 10 years ago creating resources for online courses, and working with the central Teaching and Learning Development team on key skills strategy. From there I moved to the central Learning Technology Development team to encourage the intelligent adoption and application of new tools and technologies in teaching and learning at the institution.

My main areas of interest recently have been 3D Virtual Worlds and Gaming Worlds which I studied as part of my SOLSTICE fellowship, and using Clicker systems, and I’ve also been writing about things like games and gamification, overcoming barriers to technology adoption and choosing the right tool for the job. These are all areas that I’d like to explore further.

In my writing I generally try to create more questions than answers. I hope you'll join me in exploring these endless questions in this fascinating area for work and study.