Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Gathering of the Clans: 31st May 2017 at Edge Hill University

Occasionally a number of ALT Special Interest Groups such as MELSIG, ALTNWESIG, ELESIG get together for an event, and this time the theme was Digital Placemaking.

The idea is that the spaces in which learning and 'learning activities' are taking place are changing. Where in the past they may have taken place in classrooms, libraries, and where informal conversations took place (e.g. in the pub), now learning spaces are moving online, blending physical and virtual spaces, perhaps using tools that the institution provides, but often not.

Today's event gave us room to explore what we might mean by Digital Placemaking, looking at learners' agency to develop their own learning space and experience. One of the first things that we were asked to do was to share the space that we feel we learn best in. This was a useful exercise for getting us thinking about our own 'informal learning' and experiences.

Andrew Middleton talked about the Digital Placemaking idea as a possible 'fourth way' of approaching digital capability, and expanding the idea. He mentioned the work of Rosemary Luckin which I've not come across, and will explore further.

I really enjoyed the 'Twalk' where we toured the campus, going to different learning spaces, discussing questions about them and sharing our thoughts on Twitter. Being in a context really helps the discussion about the space.

So it was a very worthwhile day, and I'll aim to explore some of the areas and points of interest further. This and other similar events at the same time have been well documented on Twitter.

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